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The Hungry Nomad: A Little of Bit of Pain Quotidien in Los Angeles (Los Angeles)

November 11, 2010

A Little of Bit of Pain Quotidien in Los Angeles (Los Angeles)

Le Pain Quotidien.com: I was so pleasantly surprised to have literally stumbled into my favorite organic pastry/ brunch spot all the way here in Los Angeles. Turns out Pain Quotidien has locations all over the States and the world. Therefore- there goes my assumptions that Pain Quotidien was exclusively a European luxury. This was my weekly hangout in Paris and Geneva and well nothing could make me happier to learn that I don't have to travel to Europe to enjoy some of PQ's yummy delights. Beautiful and impeccably arranged pastries, breads and tarts wait behind glass cases, and it takes a considerable amount of self control not to order one of each.

This communal table, according to the restaurant's website, has been a consistent and important feature of all Le Pain Quotidien sites since the first store opened in Brussels in 1990. Since then, it has "encouraged sharing of time and space" and has helped bring people together over food. An excuse to be brought together over food. I'm okay with that!!!

PQ- to me means one thing: delicious organic breads and a wide selection of spreads. Of course they offer so much more than that including wonderful tartines, salads, soups, etc. My personal favorite on a lazy Sunday morning is the basket of bread (including the croissant) and their to-die-for Belgian Praline spread. I wish I could put in words the amazingness of this praline spread but I don't know how to describe it. I guess it can be compared to Nutella- except better. I know , I know, you're thinking what can be better than Nutella? Well- come try this spread for yourself. In fact I am on my way to buy some to take home with me. 

8607 Melrose Avenue, Melrose, West Hollywood/1st St and Beverly Blvd, 113 North Larchmont Boulevard/320 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles

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At November 13, 2010 , Blogger Maya said...

There's a location in Toronto too!! We'll have to go next time you come


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