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The Hungry Nomad: A Winter Day at Granville Island Market (Vancouver, Canada)

February 24, 2011

A Winter Day at Granville Island Market (Vancouver, Canada)

Whenever back in Vancouver, the first place I like to visit is the Granville Island Market. It is actually my favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday. Located under the south side of the Granville Bridge, Granville Island market has everything you can ask for. From fresh produce at the Public market to art galleries, theatre, restaurants and my personal favorite: stationary shops...I promise you won't leave empty handed. 

I start my voyage by taking the water taxi across the inlet. It's a great way to get there and pretty affordable. First stop is the public market: a never-ending row of colorful stalls, showcasing homemade products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, Mediterranean products, teas, coffees and the list can keeps going. 

Enjoying the view from Burrard Street Bridge

Directly adjacent to the Public Market is the stores and galleries including my favorite stationary shop, hat shop, and postcard shop. One of my favorites is Beadworks. Here you can make your own jewelry from a wide array of colorful beads.  

Next are the flowers (located in the Public market). I absolutely LOVE flowers and am trying to make it a habit of having fresh flowers in my apartment at all times. What can I say flowers make me happy!  

The Count and I absolutely LOVE cheese, cured meats and other such delicacies. So much that we would both choose to have a meal consisting of bread and cheese over a nice meal any day.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this particular section of the market always makes my mouth water. 

The fresh produce market is also a delight. The fruits and vegetables are all stacked delicately and look more like works of art than fruit stands.  

And then there are the fresh baked breads, bagels and pastries. I think by now you all have a good sense of how I feel about pastries. So need I say more? The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. 

Off in a corner street at Granville Island is the Lobster Man. Here you can buy fresh seafood including lobsters, clams, oysters and crabs. Although, I personally can't bare to eat crab and lobster after seeing them floating around alive in the water. 

While at Granville Island you will become very well acquainted with the local seagull. Some Vancouverites hate seagulls but i absolutely adore them. When I hear seagulls in the morning and see them flying around it makes me realize I am home. Besides you will never see such beautiful creatures anywhere else in the world. Our seagulls are extremely big (perhaps its all the fresh fish they eat),very clean, extremely loud and not afraid to grab food directly from your hands. 

I also never miss an opportunity to make new friends at Granville Island. This is my newest friend. Our friendship sparked over some food. 

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At March 01, 2011 , Blogger nathaliedelakim said...

Gorgeous photos! I lived a couple blocks away from the market for about a year and I LOVED IT! I miss the candied salmon:)

At March 02, 2011 , Blogger Hungry Nomad said...

Thanks Nat. How are you? living in Toronto still? I just returned to Vancouver and am just rediscovering the city.

At March 07, 2011 , Blogger nathaliedelakim said...

hey, lucky you! ;)I miss Vancouver so much. I'm doing well. I left Toronto about a year ago whena I married an American. I'm living in Utah right now but we were in Alaska for 5 months...not sure yet where we'll end up for the next few years. I recently got into the blogosphere (haha, a little late:) so I love that you have one! How are you??


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