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The Hungry Nomad: La Brasserie- French Food (Vancouver, Canada)

October 31, 2011

La Brasserie- French Food (Vancouver, Canada)

La Brasserie is a 35 seat small cozy Franco-German restaurant located on Davie street between Thurlow st. and Burrard st. 

If you feel like French food with a twist of German you will love La Brasserie. Everything from the decor, the wine and beer list and food will take you straight to a french bistro. 

I have been there a few times and it has been hit or miss each time. Some times the service is amazing...other times like my last visit the service is off. Sometimes the food is fabulous other times its nothing above average. 

Things started off with a serving of onion soup which was less than amazing... it had no real flavor and was too watery, not enough salt and not enough cheese on top. But to make up for the soup was the delicious warm bread, butter and chicken pate paste which was served as a starter. I didn't touch the soup and instead went straight for the bread. For those who know me well it just goes to show how tasteless it really was because I rarely   pass up food. 

On a brighter note, for our main dish I ordered the 'steak onglet and fries' and my friend ordered the moules-frites. The steak was great (although a bit chewy) but I guess that is really dependent on the type of meat served rather than anything else. I LOVED the mushroom sauce and the fries were really good. My friend's mussel and fries were in her words 'very average' but just more expensive. 

I hear that La Brasserie also serves an amazing brunch. I'll definitely have to go back to experience it for myself. But for now I'll have to get my Brasserie fix through the Brasserie food truck located close to my office. 

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