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The Hungry Nomad: Attention All Ramen Lovers, have you heard about Motomachi Shokudo? (Vancouver, Canada)

August 29, 2011

Attention All Ramen Lovers, have you heard about Motomachi Shokudo? (Vancouver, Canada)

Last night I discovered a secret Japanese gem. I guess I can't really take credit for discovering it since my fellow foodie/partner in crime took me to this place. For those who know me well, they know that I love all things Asian from Hello Kitty, to any time of day dim sum, Chinese night markets, Japanese animation, and more generally all things Japanese. So it won't come as a surprise to hear that I have yet again fallen in love with a Japanese restaurant. It's called Motomachi Shokudo (located on 740 Denman Street between Alberni and Robson) in Vancouver, Canada. It is the newer sister restaurant of Kintaro's Ramen which is just two doors down.

I tried the spicy chicken ramen, or in other words: a large bowl of deliciousness. This place uses organic ramen and is MSG-Free. The bowl was filled to the rim with lotus root, leeks, bamboo shoots and other vegetable delights. Of course the best part was the ramen noodles and the tasty broth. Definitely one of the best ramen joints I have ever been to, and based on my love of all things Asian you can be sure that I have tried Ramen at many different venues.

 I could not finish my bowl. :(

We also tried the Gyoza's but in all honesty I have tried better. My favorite Gyoza spot in Vancouver is just a few blocks away, Gyoza King. (I'll definitely have to make a whole new entry for Gyoza King, its one of my favourite spots in Vancouver.) But back to the Ramen at hand:

All in all, Motomachi is a must-try for ramen lovers, especially the spicy chicken ramen.  I will be back to try the other types of ramen bowls (including the black bamboo charcoal ramen). This is a definitive Vancouver-style ramen joint with its own personality, and a bowl that leaves you bursting full (to the point that some may have to pop that top jean button to make more room). Until my next foodasmic experience.

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