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The Hungry Nomad: Hermé pas Hermes! (Pierre Hermé-Paris, France)

March 17, 2011

Hermé pas Hermes! (Pierre Hermé-Paris, France)

72 Rue Bonaparte/185 rue Vaugirard, Paris

In the mood for chocolate, macaroons, bonbons? Why not stop at Pierre Hermé?   Not to be confused with Hermes with an 'S' better know as every fashionista's mecca for luxury handbags and belts.
It is this confusion that led us to Pierre Hermé. My friend and I were in a desperate search for the the Hermes store in Paris...however due to the pronunciation we were led to Pierre Hermé. Not that I was complaining. I'd way rather indulge in expensive chocolate than a leather belt. This discovery however, was not easy on the pockets as  what Hermes represents in fashion, Pierre Hermé represents in delicious mouth-watering sweets. The shop is pretty small, smart, simple yet chic where you will be welcomed by a sweet/chocolate connoisseurs (although it is Paris- so lower your customer service expectations) who will teach you about each selection and help you with your picks. Although I love macaroons- at Pierre Hermé I often tend to go for the chocolate truffles and other sweets.  Be advised that this is not the cheapest spot in Paris to fill your belly with chocolate delights... but I do promise that the experience will be well worth it.

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