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The Hungry Nomad: Guu Garden is Guuuuuuud (Vancouver, Canada)

April 15, 2011

Guu Garden is Guuuuuuud (Vancouver, Canada)

My faith and love for Guu was reinstated through my last visit to Guu Garden. Guu Garden is the newest addition to the Guu family and is nestled away on Hornby street. It is actually quiet hard to find if you are not familiar with this area but as a general reference its on the second floor of Nelson Square (cross street Hornby). They have a wonderful little Japanese Garden and pretty much the same feel and decor as the other Guus when you walk in except it is bigger (probably the same size as the Gastown Guu. It also has a large patio which I imagine will be packed come summer. 

We went for lunch so they only had lunch specials. However, their menu is completely different but just as delicious. We had the Chicken Karage and Agadeshi Mozzarella for appetizers. The Agedashi Mozzarella was a cheesy version of a tofu classic. Not nearly as crispy on the outside with your regular agedashi tofu, but a lovely chewy mozzarella with broth and slivers of seaweed is equally satisfying, if not more. And the Kobe burger bento box  was absolutely amazing. What a great idea!!! To nestle a nice and juicy Kobe burger in between two crispy rice patties rather than buns. Pure Genius. 

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