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The Hungry Nomad: Quick Getaway (Salamina, Greece)

June 13, 2011

Quick Getaway (Salamina, Greece)

We just had a long lovely weekend here in Greece. For most Athenians this means finding a way to escape the city. While not as popular with tourists as Hydra, Spetses or Aegina, Salamina does draw its fair amount of locals in search for a quick day trip, clean beaches and the famous Greek blue seas.

And understandably so: getting there is a breeze and dirt cheap (a ticket for the ferry boat is only 0,80 cents as a lot of commuters leave the island daily to work in the city). What I also liked about the island is that it's unlike the southern suburbs of Athens where most beaches are 'organized' and fully packed, meaning you pay a hefty entrance fee to get to the sea. So while Salamina lacks the charm and infrastructure of the more popular getaways, it makes up for it with its proximity, affordability and relaxed atmosphere. All in all, I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon there of sun, sea and a little crochet.

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