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The Hungry Nomad: Jules French Bistro: Save your money and RUN! Horrible service by rude staff...(serving overpriced food) (Vancouver, Canada)

September 3, 2011

Jules French Bistro: Save your money and RUN! Horrible service by rude staff...(serving overpriced food) (Vancouver, Canada)

Dear Readers, 
I usually don't write reviews on places I absolutely dislike but I really feel that its my duty to tell the world about this horrible place in order to save them their money, peace of mind and time. 
Jules French Bistro claims to have french food and apparently french attitude? 
What can I say about this place? In a city with amazing restaurants at every corner there is NO need to put up with this sort of service anywhere. After all we are not in France and even in France they don't treat you as badly as the host treated us last night (and I should know- I lived in Paris for 2 years and NOWHERE in Paris were staff so outrageously RUDE). 
An old diva with dyed blonde hair is the host or manager at this place and he was not only rude to us but every single person that walked in the restaurant. No wonder they were about to close for business a few years ago. With that sort of attitude this man is chasing the customers away (he definitely chased us away last night). Reservations were made for 8:30 for a group of 7. We arrived at 8:25 to have the nasty host tell us we were early and walked away. Then the rest of our party arrived except our one friend who was at home putting her newborn to bed. Our table was clearly not ready at 8:30. We waited around until 9 pm... having not been acknowledged by anyone at the restaurant we asked when our table would be ready. We were told that our entire party wasnt there. We asked if our table was ready and he said NO. So what difference would it make if our friend arrived when there was nowhere to seat us in the first place? At any other restaurant the host would probably apologize for not having a table ready for us when reservations were made for 8:30. However here we were to blame because one of our friends had not arrived even when a table was not available. His complete arrogance and tone of voice added to the disappointment. The host was so rude we ended up turning around and leaving to Cobre ( A much better ambiance and food) and the host said to us: SEE YA!
Clearly we are not the only ones that feel this way about this disrespectful rude man at this restaurant... I checked out reviews on this place and most people have had similar treatment by the same host. There should be a law against allowing men like him to interact with customers.  Word to the owners if you want to stay in business perhaps you should think about hiring a new host with an agreeable attitude!!!!

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