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The Hungry Nomad: Luke (New Orleans, USA)

January 26, 2012

Luke (New Orleans, USA)

Luke is another John Besh restaurant combining Franco-German food and decor to create another masterpiece. I've been here several times and each time its completely full. On this occasion we went on Christmas night expecting it to either be closed or empty and were surprised to find it so full that we were offered seats at the bar.

Not that I mind... I enjoyed watching the oyster man hard at work cracking oyster shells and placing them neatly on ice trays. Who knew it was such hard work? 

We started off with turtle soup (our favorite)...but weren't too happy when it was served lukewarm. It was still tasty but less than what we expected at a John Besh restaurant. Next, for our main course we ordered the moules & frites and the Luke Burger. Both were very tasty. Having just arrived from Canada I was shocked at the large portion but was quick to adapt to the almost triple sized portions served in the States. The mussels were enough to feed a whole family!!! I highly recommend sharing...unless you got a really healthy appetite. Most people order their oysters...however not being a fan of raw oysters I am yet to try. 

The burger was good...served along with their house made fries...salty but good! And of course we never leave without dessert: dark chocolate mousse served with orange marmalade. 

Turtle Soup

Bucket of mussels

Chocolate Mousse

Lüke on Urbanspoon

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