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The Hungry Nomad: Long Table Series at the Irish Heather (Vancouver, Canada)

February 12, 2012

Long Table Series at the Irish Heather (Vancouver, Canada)

I was invited to the Irish Heather's Long Table Series a few months back. The concept is interesting: a long table of friends gathering for drinks and family style cooking.  Although, technically we weren't seated at a long table and were separated from our group by a wall.  We were told they had no room for our whole party which begs the question what then is the purpose of the LTS if you can't be seated with your entire party?  

On this occasion, the special was sunday pot roast served with vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. I wasn't expecting much given that I have never heard anything great about English food (although I do enjoy a good Shepards Pie). Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when our food arrived. It was delicious, filling and ever so tasty. The meat- tender and juicy, and that Yorkshire pudding- who knew it would have tasted so good? I would go back just for that pudding which isn't really a pudding but a baked puff like bread served with a special tangy sauce. 

The entire meal and one pint of beer was $18. I liked it and think its a great idea for a large group of people...if you can actually be seated at their long table. 

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