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The Hungry Nomad: Cafe L'Aube- Fairmount/Art Museum (Philadelphia, USA)

August 6, 2012

Cafe L'Aube- Fairmount/Art Museum (Philadelphia, USA)

I've been in search of a spacious coffee shop in the Fairmount area for weeks. The pickings are slim. There are only a handful of independent coffee spots and one Starbucks that can barely fit ten people. So with the help of Yelp, I found Cafe L'aube tucked away on the corner of Wallace street in the Spring Garden area. 

What is so great about Cafe L'Aube? Well for one, it serves great coffee and pastries. But mainly because it serves delicious and authentic crepes made to order. The employees are francophone and if you close your eyes you may try to imagine yourself sipping away at your cafe and crepe at a french coffee shop.

I started off with a latte and pain au chocolate... a few hours later I found myself hungry again and ordered the ham, mushroom and emmentaler cheese crepe. Delicious and cheesy. 

So far in terms of coffee shops, this is my favorite in the city. Any one have any other recommendations? 

Cafe L'Aube (Wallace St) on Urbanspoon

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