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The Hungry Nomad: Cupcakes-Galore at Magnolia Bakery- West Village (New York City, USA)

December 6, 2012

Cupcakes-Galore at Magnolia Bakery- West Village (New York City, USA)

Bleeker street...one of the many places that make New York so charming, so unforgettable and so dear to me. Not only are there beloved Marc Jacobs shops sprinkled throughout the street but it is also a foodie haven beginning with Magnolia Bakery. Eating cupcakes while strolling through Marc Jacobs shops and bookstores? A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in my books. 

It was my first time visiting Magnolia Bakery, somehow I happened to miss the reference on Sex and the City during my college years (apparently that's what made them so famous?). So, having missed that boat I was not aware that there is usually a line up around the corner. On this particular Sunday the line up only extended to the door. I was okay with the short yet chaotic wait. So the Count and I lined up and took in all the sweet, sugary vanilla aromas permeating the air. 

There were all sorts of people in the line up. The young family with kids swooning over the big three layered cakes, the Asian female tourists with their designer bags picking out their cupcakes, the old man ordering his usual and us, the first timers who were overwhelmed with the choices. Oh the possibilities. 

Okay, so here I go: I don't like cupcakes! Gasp. Yes I said it. There are many other sweets that I would prefer to a cupcake. So is it so horrible that neither of us actually ordered cupcakes? 

I ordered a snickerdoodle tart from the glass display above. And the Count ordered the flour less chocolate cake. 

After we yelled out our order, we waited to pay. The line up was a bit confusing as people were going straight to the cash counter and others were skipping the line. But somehow there was some sort of unspoken order amongst the chaos. 

While waiting I was seduced by the variety of sweets that were calling my name including the three layered cakes in a variety of flavors. "Eat me Hungry Nomad, you know you're hungry" they all said.

After receiving our coffee I got a chance to get up close and personal with the famous cupcakes...only for a short photo shoot. I definitely have to go back and try the cupcakes for I can't really attest to their claim to fame without having tried it. Wonder what flavor I should try next time? 

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