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The Hungry Nomad: Real Italian Cuisine at the Domenica (New Orleans)

November 24, 2010

Real Italian Cuisine at the Domenica (New Orleans)

Domenica: I have had a lot of 'Italian' food in New Orleans. Most times its really not Italian at all but American version of 'Italian' and if that wasn't bad, in New Orleans over time they have added their own southern Cajun touch to Italian food...which in the end means if you are expecting real Italian food you are in for a real surprise. However, I can confidently say that Domenica serves real Italian dishes.  This is another John Besh restaurant. For those of you who don't know that name, he is a pretty big deal down here: a local celebrity chef with several amazing restaurants and cookbooks. Domenica is his latest project located in the beautiful Roosevelt hotel. The decor of the restaurant is very elegant, trendy and sophisticated. There is also an elevated CHEESE bar. That's right you read correctly : a cheese bar. I only dream of having my very own cheese and charcuterie bar one day in my home. What else can you ask for? All cheeses and charcuterie are cut/sliced fresh and ready to serve with the most delicious puffy bread like pastries. I would go back just for those little heavenly delights. 

As soon as you are seated you will stare down at your menu as the place-mats are paper menus. The choice on the menu ranges from delicious real italian style pizzas, to the salumi and formaggi list. To of course the antipasti, primi, secondi and controri.  I have tried several of the pizzas including the prosciutto and the calabrese (both delicious). Along with the gnocchi and rissotto. Had no complaints there either. All I can say is that the dishes tasted no different than what you would expect in a small village in Tuscany. Ah yes that reminds me, the wine list has a great variety of wines from different regions of Italy. So if you are a wine connoisseurs and love your Italian wine you will be in for a treat. 

Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi

Pizza Calabrese

Domenica on Urbanspoon

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