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The Hungry Nomad: A weekend in Tuscany (Chianti region, Italy)

April 17, 2011

A weekend in Tuscany (Chianti region, Italy)

Here are a few photos of a distant trip to Tuscany in Italy. Living in Switzerland allowed for such wonderful weekend trips. I have to say that is what I miss most about living in Europe: being able to get up and go and within hours find myself in a new country, new language, new culture, new food... and come back a few days later feeling completely refreshed. You can't find that kind of experience and culture anywhere in North America.  

On this particular trip a few friends and I decided to drive from Geneva to Italy for a long weekend. We arrived in a small village in the Chianti region after a long drive from Geneva. Our host's (a lovely Swiss-German friend) family own a lovely villa and 'auberge' in Tuscany. The house was converted from old stables into a lovely modern-eco friendly residence including its very own swimming pool and tennis courts. The rooms looked onto the beautiful Tuscan valley. The best part was the beautiful kitchen which included a brick stove oven (where many pizzas were made). 

In the morning we drove to the village market where we feasted on fresh Italian delicacies. We gathered food for our weekend and went back to the Villa where we made fresh baked breads and pizza while drinking local Chianti wine literally from the backyard. 

The nightly grand Italian feast

In the mornings we would go for walks through the scenic valley and stop in at various vineyards. I literally stumbled upon the most beautiful houses (my dream summer home is just below).  

I hope these photos have inspired you to take your own culinary trip to Tuscany. 

On the way back you can always stop in Florence. I have been to Florence several times and the first time around fell absolutely in love with it (mind you I was 16 at the time). But I was convinced that I belonged in Florence and needed to shape my life in order to end up there. The entire city of Florence is a walking museum and oozes beauty and culture from every corner and every street. The Gelato shops aren't bad either. 

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At April 18, 2011 , Blogger nathaliedelakim said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a heavenly trip:)


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