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The Hungry Nomad: Oman Impressions (Oman)

September 14, 2011

Oman Impressions (Oman)

Last year I visited Oman. If you are a fan of impressive landscapes, whether on land or under water, this is definitely the place to visit. While snorkeling, I felt like swimming in an aquarium right in the middle of crowds of huge (and admittedly a bit scary) moray eels, cute little box fish, beautiful rays and tons of other brightly colored fish. Happy!

Hiking in the vast, bare mountains, past old deserted stone villages, steep canyons and in the wadis (oasis) I felt awestruck by the natural beauty surrounding me.

And walking through the bazaars and forts provided me with all the fragrant scents, abundant friendliness and historical sense this country has to offer. In the winter (October - February) the climate is mild and perfect for a bit of exploring. Enjoy a few of my impressions. 

Note to self: I definitely want an underwater camera.

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