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The Hungry Nomad: Lunch at Black+Blue Restaurant (Vancouver, Canada)

December 23, 2011

Lunch at Black+Blue Restaurant (Vancouver, Canada)

Quick work lunch at the new Black+Blue restaurant located on Alberni street. It seems like the Global group is taking open every open spot on Alberni from Coast to Italian Kitchen and now Black+Blue. The venue is beautiful with a nice bar in the centre and a large glass meat rack stand. It is definitely the largest addition to the Global Group's series of restaurants. It sort of looks like a butcher shop right in the middle of the restaurant. Some people are not really fond of this detail since many love steak but don't love to see where it comes from. It's a great way to become a vegetarian since you are forced to stare at the large pieces of meat hanging from hooks in this glass framed 'work of art'. I personally thought it was really cool and creative however my companion was a bit grossed out. You be the judge. 

As for the food and service- its en par with other Global restaurants. It's vibrant and the staff friendly and helpful. I didn't have steak and opted for the 'bifteke' type dish which is pretty much a bare hamburger served on mash potatoes. My companion had the steak sandwich and was happy. I'll have to go back again to be able to review it properly as I feel that since I didn't have their main dish: steak, I can't really give an accurate opinion; however, based on what I did have I did not love the food. 

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