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The Hungry Nomad: Gyoza King (Vancouver, Canada)

March 28, 2012

Gyoza King (Vancouver, Canada)

Its hard to have one favorite Japanese spot in Vancouver since there are so many to choose from, especially in the lower Robson/Denman area. But Gyoza King has stood the test of time as being my ultimate favorite downtown Japanese tapas joint.

I've been going here regularly since '04 (whenever I'm in town that is) and was happy to see that nothing has changed on my most recent trip: same great service, great food and menu. If you go on the weekends be prepared for a long line up. This isnt the place to be if you have a large party as the restaurant itself is pretty small and filled up with a lot of regulars. For the Gyoza lovers out there, this place has amazing gyozas. My personal favorite is the ebi-nira (prawn, pork and chives), not to say that the others aren't great since they are all pretty amazing. The Gyozas are hand made to perfection and everything else is en par.

Always on my list of orders are the beef sashimi, tuna tataki, agadeshi tofu, kimchi udon, ebi mayo, cheese croquettes, chicken karage and takoyaki.  Did I just list everything off the menu? Its probably because everything here is so delicious. 

The beef sashimi was slightly seared on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside. Drizzled with ponzu sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds served with chives and other goodies. 

The tuna tataki- another personal favorite is  also slightly seared served in a small bowl drizzled with sauce and served with chives and turnip. 

BBQ Tongue
Being with a group of adventurist foodies we decided to try the tongue. It was very chewy and nothing extraordinary. I probably won't order it again given that there are so many other delicious options on the menu. 

Prawn, Pork and Chive Gyoza
The best part of the meal is always the handmade gyozas. You can order them steamed or deep fried with a variety of different fillings, including a vegetarian option. I always get the ten piece and can honestly probably have 20 myself..they are THAT good. 

Agadeshi Tofu
Agadeshi tofu is a staple Izakaya dish. I love the combination of the crispy outside and soft inside of the tofu mixed with the delicious sauce which I end up drinking like soup.  And I absolutely love the one served at Gyoza King. 

Takoyaki, otherwise known as octopus balls, otherwise known as deep fried octopus batter served with mayo and a variety of delicious spices and flavors is also a personal favorite. You can never go wrong with this one. Just be careful as they are very hot. I usually poke them to let out some of the steam...having burnt my tongue one too many times. 

All in all, if you are looking for a solid Japanese Izakaya restaurant in the downtown core, serving good food at relatively cheap prices in a great atmosphere then you must try Gyoza King. Or if you just want to try some of the best Gyozas in Vancouver then you should also make your way over to Gyoza King and enjoy.

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