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The Hungry Nomad: Tea Talk- Chinatown (Philadelphia, USA)

September 5, 2012

Tea Talk- Chinatown (Philadelphia, USA)

After making several bakery stops on our Free Tours by Foot- Chinatown Food Tour we replenished ourselves with some bubble tea at Tea Talk. 

Tea talk is a bright and colorful place in Chinatown that serves a variety of teas and bubble teas and smoothies.  No food. Just drinks. 

Unlike other spots in Chinatown, this place was very clean and tidy. It offers wifi making a nice option for people to linger around with their laptops. 

Besides tapioca, there is also option of jelly and popping boba. There is both hot and cold bubble tea. Our food guide told us the avocado smoothie was the best on the menu. I always like to order the taro wherever I go especially if they use real taro roots. 

The tapioca balls were chewy but consistent. However, I've realized as time goes by that I am no longer a fan of tapioca balls and prefer the jelly in my bubble tea. But it was as good as any. 

Our group was happy with their drinks and with bubble tea in hand we moved on to the next stop: QT Vietnamese Sandwich shop. 

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