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The Hungry Nomad: Koreana-University City (Philadelphia, USA)

August 21, 2012

Koreana-University City (Philadelphia, USA)

Always in search of good Korean food, we found Koreana tucked away in a parking lot in University City. In fact you really have to know its there to find it since the door is on the parking lot side and there is no store entrance on the street side. That said thanks to my iPhone we were quick to find our way to the food. 

This fast food Korean is a very casual spot where you order your meal at the counter, pay and find a table while you wait with your number. The food comes out pretty fast on a red cafeteria style tray. We ordered the Dol Sot Bibimbap and Soon Doo Boo with beef. 

The Soon Doo Boo was a spicy stew with vegetables and beef served with a side of white rice and kimchi. Since it was my first time trying it I was told to drop the rice in the stew and mix the two or to take spoonfuls of each together. I opted for the first choice. 

I have to say it was not my favorite not because it lacked in flavor but it just was not what I was in the mood to have. I preferred the Count's Bibimbap dish which was served in a hot stone bowl with lots of veggies, tofu, beef and eggs to blend in. 

Once the ingredients were mixed and cooked further in the hot stone bowl the result was delicious. So much so that the Count has been back 2 times since for his weekly fix of Bibimbap. 

After our meals we noticed the table next to us having a colorful dessert treat and of course we then had to try it. It was a Korean version of shaved ice with syrup, canned fruits, bursting bubbles and condensed milk. The bursting bubbles were a first for me and I absolutely loved it. As soon as it made contact with my tongue it popped into a sugary syrup. I loved the texture and flavor.

Best part of our meal: the price. It was comparatively cheaper than other places we've been to in town, although this is the ultimate casual dining experience. You go here for the food not its location in the parking lot or scene. If you want good Korean fast food in a cafeteria style environment then you will for sure love this place! 

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At August 26, 2012 , Blogger Unknown said...

The Best thing about this resturant is that everything is deliciouse. Pick any item and you will be more more than happy.
This is my most visited and craved Restuarant in town.
The ambience is non existence but the food is spicey and heavenly deliciouse.
The Count


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