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The Hungry Nomad: Will cross over bridge for a good PHO (Gretna/New Orleans)

December 15, 2010

Will cross over bridge for a good PHO (Gretna/New Orleans)

Tan Dinh:  Hungry for some Pho? Spring rolls? Rice vermicelli? Or other Vietnamese delights? Then why don't you cross the bridge over to Gretna in the West Bank. Known for its large Vietnamese community and other immigrant communities there is some yummy food to be found on this side of the Mississippi. My partner in eating took me here the first day I got into town due to his deep love for this place (rumor has it he held his birthday dinners here 3 years in a row). Perhaps not the most 'New Orleans' experience but for those of us craving the yummy Asian delights this restaurant is a treat, not to mention delicious. Pretty much everything on the menu is good although I would be lying if I told you I've tried it all. There are too many options but the regulars on our ordering list are the BBQ short rib served with spicy kimchi and rice (YUM), Chicken Pho Ga served with a side dish of fresh herbs (double yum), barbequed quail served with a special lime sauce (triple yum) and the shrimp rice rolls (quadruple yum). You can polish off your meal with a nice refreshing bubble tea shake (my favorites: coconut, taro, and strawberries). Enjoy.

BBQ short ribs with Kimchi

Prawn spring roll

Tan Dinh is located at 1705 Lafayette St # A, Gretna, Louisiana
Tel: (504) 361-8008

Tan Dinh on Urbanspoon

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