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The Hungry Nomad: Athens International Airport (Athens, Greece)

January 19, 2011

Athens International Airport (Athens, Greece)

Here is the first post by the new addition to the blog: Kim. Enjoy!

What better way to kick off my guest blog here at the Hungry Nomad than to start where most travels start: the airport! I love airports, with their air of adventure, observing all the people wondering what exotic places they might be heading while snapping a pic or two.. Mostly though, my airport experiences are the same with the occasional little treasure. My point of departure nowadays is Athens International Airport, where you may find two such treasures.

One I'd like to share with you is Korres, a Greek store offering natural and organic beauty products which to my opinion all smell delicious and come in beautifully designed packages. I simply can't choose what I like best about Korres: their philosophy on nature and beauty, their great design or perhaps just their delicious guava butter, fig body milk and spicy fragrances.

The other one is the Mastiha Shop selling products with mastiha, the resin of mastic trees growing only on the island of Chios. The resin has a long history of use and is believed to have many good qualities. Mastiha with its lovely distinct flavor and scent is used in tons of different products from ointments and liqueurs to sweets. My personal favorites are the little choco delights with mastiha. Mastiha is a favorite also outside Greece, I have tasted some scrumptious mastic desserts in Istanbul. So when you're in the neighborhood, keep an eye out for mastic treats!

The Mastiha Shop can be found only at the 'all passengers area'.  Korres stores can be found at both the 'all passengers area' and 'extra-Schengen passengers area'.  The Mastiha Shop & Korres also have stores in some major international cities around the globe such as Paris and New York and can also be found at Sephora.

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