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The Hungry Nomad: Gran Forno Italian Bakery (Fort Lauderdale)

January 2, 2011

Gran Forno Italian Bakery (Fort Lauderdale)

One thing I look most forward to on every trip to Fort Lauderdale is my daily morning trips to the local Gran Forno Bakery. It is located on the lovely Las Olas Street where many wonderful local mom & pop shops can be found. The breads are baked daily in their ovens and if you go early enough you will get your hands on warm, pillowy and delicious breads. I must admit that I have tried EVERYTHING in this bakery and do love each and every one of their delights. Amongst the favorites include the ciabatta, multigrain, and walnut and raisin breads. Then on to the sweets: the chocolate, almond, ham and cheese croissants are all wonderful treats for one's belly.  But then there is also the scones....oh the scones. How wonderfully delicious and not too sweet are the scones. (Other 'Forno'rific delights include: custard-filled fruit tarts, lemon cakes and chocolate fudge brownies, chocolate tarts and paninis).......Next, make sure to also try the small pizzas!!! They are once again....delicious. Choices include the eggplant, tomato, mozzarella or the tomato/mozzarella pizza. I can't resist having these for breakfast. Living only two blocks away from this little Floridian gem is both a blessing and a curse. I have no control when it comes to delicious breads and treats.... or to be more factual I have no control when it comes to the wonders of gastronomy.

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