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The Hungry Nomad: Herbsaint Bar & Restaurant (New Orleans, USA)

April 14, 2012

Herbsaint Bar & Restaurant (New Orleans, USA)

Another great restaurant discovery in New Orleans. This one is located in the Central Business District and caters to the more professional crowd (at least for lunch). After having lunch at Herbsaint Bar and Restaurant yesterday I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain in New Orleans post-Katrina and learned that the passionate co-owner and chef, Donald Link, came right back to New Orleans within weeks to re-open his restaurant, followed by opening the ever-so-famous Cochon (another favorite of mine). That is dedication! 

The restaurant serves a mix of French and Italian flavors with a southern twist. We wanted something light for lunch so opted for the tuna sandwich and goat salad. At first I thought the goat salad was goat cheese but the server informed us that the goat salad was actually crispy goat meat served over a mix of greens. I'm a fan of goat meat ever since I've learned that it is much healthier than other forms of meat and the taste is delicious (have you ever tried a goat roti?). 

Our food arrived and was both perfect. The grilled tuna sandwich was served with a side of salad and crispy chips and was ever so tasty. Actual fresh tuna pieces mixed with a melange of flavors and avocado- delicious! The goat salad was also great although I didn't like the crispy texture of the goat meat but the salad was delicious and fresh- the mint flavor overtaking all others. It was perfect for a perfectly sunny hot day. 

We loved this restaurant and will definitely be back for more.  

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