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The Hungry Nomad: Magazine Deli Sno Balls and Ice Cream (New Orleans, USA)

April 17, 2012

Magazine Deli Sno Balls and Ice Cream (New Orleans, USA)

One of the best ways to cool off from the heat in New Orleans is to have a sno ball. I had my first one just the other day and now understand why there are always long line ups at each sno ball stand. 

There are literally thousands of  stands all over town and some gain more popularity than others based on the flavors, quality of ice and syrup quantity. Some offer preservative free syrup made mainly from cane sugar, extracts and water but most use pre-made syrups. 

What is a sno cone you ask? It's a delightfully simply treat: shaved ice and flavored syrup. I added ice cream to mine which made it extra spectacular. The best part? It is a very cheap way to cool off. 

Magazine deli is a little stand close to my house. The staff were so friendly and gave me a little history of sno balls and offered their best flavors to taste. I am already a fan. 

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