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The Hungry Nomad: Puerto Sagua (Miami, USA)

May 1, 2012

Puerto Sagua (Miami, USA)

The first thing I do on every trip to South Beach is make my way over to my favorite Cuban diner/restaurant located on Collins Avenue: the famous Puerto Sagua.

Peurto Sagua is nestled amongst all the glitz and glamour of South Beach. However, it is a very unassuming local restaurant with no fancy gimmicks.  You will find people from all walks of life: the Cuban handyman popping over on his quick lunch break, old-world Cubans, politicos, club-goers, other locals  and tourists who are fortunate enough to have discovered it in time.  

If you go during lunch/dinner rush, the place is packed and there is usually a small line up. On our last trip we went pretty early in the evening and were pleased to find the place half full (for once). 

First on the list is always an order of the avocado salad (if in season), the tomato/lettuce salad and fried totones (plantains) served with a side dip. 

For my main dish, I always go with the Ropa Veija. Ropa Veija which is Spanish for 'old clothes' is a  dish most popular in the Canary islands and the Caribbean. It is a shredded flank, brisket or skirt steak slow cooked in a tomato sauce base served with a side of rice, black beans and fried delicious plantains. 

Ropa Veija
The Count ordered the flank steak served with grilled onions, rice and fries. The portions are very generous and filling. The Count had limited comments about the steak- only stating that it was not the best he's ever had. For the price and portions however, we were both happy. My dish as always was delicioso. 

Once done with our meals, we always make our way over to the coffee bar on the left side of the restaurant to have our think Cuban coffee with a one of the Cuban sweets seen below. 

Hungry Nomad's Suggestions: 

1- Fried Plantains
2- Avocado Salad
3- Ropa Veija

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