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The Hungry Nomad: Delachaise (New Orleans, USA)

April 29, 2012

Delachaise (New Orleans, USA)

Delachaise is a lovely little wine bar tucked away on Saint Charles street close to Touro hospital and my favorite sandwich shop (Milk Bar). 

We usually go here for drinks and appetizers (more specifically, the Lambic framboise beer and goose fat fries for me). On this particular day I was craving steak (poor attempt at vegetarianism preceded my cravings). It was a bit early- many restaurants were still not open for dinner and as we drove by Delachaise I checked the menu online to see if they offered your typical french Steak/Frites. Once we discovered that they did we quickly made our way over- both being big fans of the place.

Delachaise is a really lovely place and many of their dishes are delicious. The place is usually packed in the evenings- offering a cozy patio overlooking Saint Charles Avenue and the passing streetcars. 

I have never had a bad culinary experience at Delachaise; however, I've never had a meal and stuck to the fries and other small appetizers. Craving steak I predictably ordered the Steak/Frites while the Count ordered the special for the day- a Peruvian stir fry served on basmati rice. 

Once the food arrived I was delighted to see the beautiful presentation and the resemblance of a typical steak/frites dish I frequently had in France. However, as soon as I dug my knife in the meat I was quickly disappointed. The meat consisted of 80% fat. I left the entire thing untouched..and the count had to dissect it to find some small pieces of meat. The worst part...it was not cheap! I was expecting a good quality meat given what they were charging which added to my disappointment. On the bright side, the fries were delicious- as they always are. 

On the other hand, the Peruvian steak stir fry was an amazing blend of flavors and sauces.

I don't usually post these sort of photos as shown below but I wanted to show what remained at the end of our meal: Below: steak dissection... 

...and to be fair, our Peruvian stir fry was polished clean. 

Since I love this place, my bad steak experience will not stop me from going since everything else is amazing, I guess all I can recommend is: stick to the what they know best: appetizers and amazing wine. 

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