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The Hungry Nomad: Claudio King of Cheese- Italian Market (Philadelphia, USA)

September 12, 2012

Claudio King of Cheese- Italian Market (Philadelphia, USA)

Our first trip to the Italian Market was extremely cheesy. Walking down Ninth street it was hard to ignore all the delectable food shops and stands. First stop were several pizza/hoagie storefronts where the steam from the meat permeated the streets. 

Italian Market runs on Ninth from Christian to Federal Street.  Don't expect to come here looking for clean streets and scenes from Rocky. But do expect to see more than 100 food stands selling fresh and cheap vegetables, butcher shops wrapping fresh cuts, fish lying in ice stands and poultry (there is even a live poultry shop...it's Chinese)...and best of all the Cheese shops.

We were told to check out the famous D'Angelo Brothers Products shop. And although it was special this post is dedicated to the wonderful cheese shop right next door: Claudio King of Cheese. This is where we went on our first trip and have gone back weekly for our cheese and cured meat needs. I love the smell of the shop which reminds me of my motherland and trips through quaint shops spread over all corners of Italy. 

Several isles of Italian products including pasta, olive oils, balsamic vinaigrette and other delicacies line the walls of the shop. 

Tomato sauce, spices, candy, polenta....everything you could ever need can be found in this shop. 

On the left side of the store is where the real action happens. Cured meats hanging from the ceilings with friendly staff behind the glass counter providing customers with all their cheesy needs. 

They are a very friendly team and give you samples and information on each cheese, its location, history and taste. 

On my latest trip, I may or may not have asked to work there. Really, what is better than working in a cheese shop learning all about the different varieties of cheese and other delicacies (of course it can't beat the practice of law...or can it?). 

I was hired on the spot... or was I? I don't think they took me seriously. Can't a cheese-lover get a break around here? 

Ok. So I went back to taking photos and ordering more cheese and parma. 

Later on that evening, the Count and I feasted on plates of blue and goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and basil, fresh baguettes and wine. Understandably, we have been back on several occasions to replenish our stock of cheese at home. 

If Mr. Claudio Junior reads this...I was very serious about becoming a cheese apprentice! 

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