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The Hungry Nomad: Q.T. Vietnamese Sandwich-Chinatown (Philadelphia, USA)

September 6, 2012

Q.T. Vietnamese Sandwich-Chinatown (Philadelphia, USA)

After Bubble tea at Tea Talk we headed over to a small Vietnamese sandwich shop serving varieties of Bahn Mi. Apparently, this place has the best Bahn Mi in town. What's a Bahn Mi? It is an amazing Vietnamese sub sandwich served in a crispy baguette with an accompaniment of vegetables and your choice of meat. 

The Bahn Mi dates back to Vietnam's French colonial era where the baguette was introduced to Vietnamese cuisine. The bread differs from a traditional baguette in the sense that rice flour is also added to a Bahn Mi making it thinner and crispier. Bahn Mi can include seasoned pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork patties, pork liver pate, grilled chicken, fried eggs, tofu or cold cuts. The vegetable toppings include cucumber slices, carrots, cilantro and shredded daikon. All of this topped with condiments including spicy chili sauce or mayonnaise. Sounds good right? 

We ordered the traditional Bahn Mi and waited in the small area while the older lady prepared it for us. 

They were both so nice and friendly and just had to be featured in the post. You know it is authentic when you are served by a friendly Vietnamese mother and/or grandmother. 

Unfortunately, I did not have time to take a photo of our Bahn Mi as our group was waiting outside ready to move forward to the next destination. We ate the Bahn Mi while walking through Chinatown. I can say this: it was really good. Perhaps they could be more generous with the fillings but overall it was one great Bahn Mi. 

Besides Bahn Mi, QT offers appetizers, rice platters, rice noodle platters and soups. But they are best known for their sublime Bahn Mi. 

Q.T. Vietnamese Sandwich on Urbanspoon

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