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The Hungry Nomad: 12/01/2010 - 01/01/2011

December 31, 2010

Clementine's Belgian Bistro (Gretna/New Orleans)

In our new mission to discover restaurants in the West Bank we once again headed over the bridge to try some Belgian food. This time chez Clementine's Beligan Bistro. 

First on our ordering list was the cheese fondue and an order of our favorite Belgian beer: Framboise. Having lived in Switzerland and eating Swiss fondue at least once a week, I consider myself a fondue snob. This fondue claimed to have imported cheese and while the strong taste of Gruyere and emmenthaler cheese could not be missed I was left wondering if it was made from powdered cheese rather than real Swiss cheese. Since real  fondue has a very cheesy texture and when you dip the bread the cheese is stringy, yet this fondue was watery and did not have any real melted cheese texture to it.  Needless to say I was disappointed (8/pp for watered down cheese and bread). 

The service and decor at this restaurant were amazing. Our next order was the Blue cheese salad and goat cheese and spinach crepes along side onion soup and Belgian fries. The belgian fries were amazing and reminded me if the street fries in Brussels (make sure to order the dips). Our dishes were delicious (except for the fondue). All in all, we were left satisfied with our meal.  I won't deny them that but it was a tad bit overpriced.  It's a great place to go as a large party. Also the restaurant had no music so if you are looking for a loud restaurant and ambiance then don't go here. However, if you are looking for a quiet meal sprinkled with a bit of romance than definitely make your way over to Clementine's Belgian Bistro.

Cheese fondue

Onion soup

Crumbled blue cheese salad

Yummy belgian fries

Spinach and goat cheese crepe

Belgian Chocolate Mousse

Clementine's Belgian Bistrot on Urbanspoon

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December 19, 2010

La Boulangerie (New Orleans)

La Boulangerie: For those of us nostalgic for the days spent in Paris and knowing that walking the cobble streets and stopping for a frequent cafe, vin et cigarrette are no longer possible, La Boulangerie can help fill the void. Not only do you get to taste delicious delights that resemble most bakeries in Paris but what you also get is the Parisian attitude. Lack of service and an air of arrogance can be found at La Boulangerie along with delicious pain au chocolat, croissant et le parisien.

But back to what is really the heart of the matter: the food. Despite the service the bread, pastries and quiches are delicious and keep the customers going back for more. Try getting there early so that you can taste the freshness of the croissants that melt in your mouth. They often run out by mid-day.

Delicious Cherry Danish

Puffy, light, perfect raspberry croissant
La Boulangerie is located at: 4600 Magazine St, New Orleans, Louisiana - (504) 269-3777

La Boulangerie on Urbanspoon

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December 15, 2010

Will cross over bridge for a good PHO (Gretna/New Orleans)

Tan Dinh:  Hungry for some Pho? Spring rolls? Rice vermicelli? Or other Vietnamese delights? Then why don't you cross the bridge over to Gretna in the West Bank. Known for its large Vietnamese community and other immigrant communities there is some yummy food to be found on this side of the Mississippi. My partner in eating took me here the first day I got into town due to his deep love for this place (rumor has it he held his birthday dinners here 3 years in a row). Perhaps not the most 'New Orleans' experience but for those of us craving the yummy Asian delights this restaurant is a treat, not to mention delicious. Pretty much everything on the menu is good although I would be lying if I told you I've tried it all. There are too many options but the regulars on our ordering list are the BBQ short rib served with spicy kimchi and rice (YUM), Chicken Pho Ga served with a side dish of fresh herbs (double yum), barbequed quail served with a special lime sauce (triple yum) and the shrimp rice rolls (quadruple yum). You can polish off your meal with a nice refreshing bubble tea shake (my favorites: coconut, taro, and strawberries). Enjoy.

BBQ short ribs with Kimchi

Prawn spring roll

Tan Dinh is located at 1705 Lafayette St # A, Gretna, Louisiana
Tel: (504) 361-8008

Tan Dinh on Urbanspoon

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December 1, 2010

Le Fumoir (Paris)

What can be more amazing then sipping on a glass of white wine in the evening while staring across the street at the magnificent Louvre?

Ahhh Le Fumoir. I had the pleasure of working just a couple of blocks away and found myself on many of nights having a post-work glass(es) of wine at le Fumoir. For me there is nothing more beautiful than the louvre at night glowing under yellow lights. Having a glass of wine while taking in so much history and culture is priceless (the crowd isn't so bad either so make sure to do some people watching). The decor inside is interesting... books line the walls giving the impression that you are dining in a library. Although I have never had a chance to eat at this fabulous spot I have seen the food they serve and it all does look delicious. I myself like to settle back for a glass of the Sancerre.

6 rue de l’amiral Coligny   75001  Paris

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