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The Hungry Nomad: Food Truck Review from the Vendy Awards (Philadelphia, USA)

September 14, 2012

Food Truck Review from the Vendy Awards (Philadelphia, USA)

This summer I attended the 8th Annual Vendy Food Truck Awards in University City. The event had the best street food vendors in Philadelphia going head to head for the title of best Philly food truck while raising money for the Food Trust. 

Little Dan's Gourmet Truck

Our first stop was Little Dan's Gourmet Truck. They were serving mini baguettes- one filled with parmesan breaded eggplant topped with spinach. 

And another sandwich filled with a balsamic glazed chargrilled chicken in a baguette. Both sandwiches were great and very filling. The truck focuses on American and Italian food.

Little Baby's Ice Cream 

Next stop was Little Baby's Ice Cream stand. I only tried the Earl Gray ice cream which I can't say I loved. The taste was too strong for my liking. But given that there were other flavors I'm sure most are great. 

Little Baby's Ice Cream (Morgan's Pier) on Urbanspoon

King of Falafel

Next was the King of Falafel. A wonderful Middle Eastern food truck serving falafels, hummus, tabbouli and a long list of other Middle Eastern delicacies. The couple- both electrical engineers in Syria serve up some of the most authentic dishes on a platter. 

I really enjoyed my plate of falafel which was served hot and fresh. 

King of Falafel on Urbanspoon


Vernalicious was next on the list. On the menu were two varieties of toasted grilled cheese: one vegetarian filled with mozzerella, pesto and tomatoes, and another, a pulled pork grilled cheese. 

Sugar Philly

Then there was Sugar Philly- a food truck dedicated to Macarons. Amazing right? 

Sugar Philly Truck on Urbanspoon

Foo Truck

Foo Truck was my favorite stand. Foo truck serves asian inspired hand held creations called 'foowiches'. They were serving grilled wraps filled with green curry quinoa and another filled with teriyake meatballs. The Count and I thoroughly enjoyed both wraps. Even if we were drained wet from the torrential downpour. Of course we were quick to vote for this truck as being our favorite. 


Yumtown was next.  A food truck dedicated to locally sourced ingredients. 

I tried the Panzanella- a tuscan bread and tomato salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. 


The Venezualan team behind Delicias specializes in... you guessed it: Venezualan food. What exactly is Venezualan food? The sample they served consisted of a corn flour patty split and filled with spicy chorizo, sweet plantains and caramelized onions. I loved this dish and was very close to choosing it as my favorite. 

The Smoke Truck

The Smoke Truck serves traditional southern comfort food. They served up a pulled pork mac and cheese dish. It was really good and extremely filling.

Smoke Truck on Urbanspoon

Tacos Don Memo 

If its tacos and burritos you crave then you will love Tacos Don Memo food truck. They serve mexican and tex-mex inspired burritos. 

Unfortunately, by the time I finished my burrito the rain got heavier and I did not have a chance to take photos of some of the other contestants. One that is particularly worth mentioning was Little Pop Shop- a lovely little stand selling really amazing popsicles. I tried the goat cheese and fig popsicles which was very original and unlike anything else I have ever tried. 

And there you have it folks a quick photo journey of some of the best food trucks in Philadelphia. 

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