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The Hungry Nomad: Sarcone's Deli- Italian Market (Philadelphia, USA)

September 19, 2012

Sarcone's Deli- Italian Market (Philadelphia, USA)

Walking down 9th Street to the Italian Market I smelled the perfume of fresh baked bread. Following my nose I arrived at Sarcone's Deli "It's all about the Bread!" I read as I walked in through the doors. A small bright yellow deli and friendly staff greeted me. I was the last person in the store and they only had one roll left, especially for me. So the young girl at the counter walked me through the most popular sandwiches and made several recommendations. 

I ordered the Old Fashion Italian. While waiting I was offered a bag of bread to take home. Never one to deny food, I happily accepted and took a big bag of cut bread and sat outside. 

My sandwich was ready after less than 5 minutes. I fell in love at first bite. The bread was absolutely amazing. Crunchy on the outside with generous amounts of sesame seeds spread through out yet soft on the inside. The sandwich consisted of proscuitto, capicolla and sopresetta. All that meat was topped with crisp lettuce, onions, tasty tomatoes, oil, vinegar sprinkled with loads of oregano. 

It was a pretty large sandwich so make sure you go with a big appetite or split in two. That being said I am sure I could have finished the whole thing if I tried.

Later on that evening, the family and I enjoyed eating the bag of bread with all my cheese finds from Claudio's

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