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The Hungry Nomad: Cowbell (New Orleans, USA)

June 16, 2012

Cowbell (New Orleans, USA)

When we first walked into this place I immediately felt like I was home for Sunday dinner. The place has a casual  ambiance and the menu offers many comfort foods. I'll begin by telling you that I loved it before I get into the details.
Brack May- philosopher, social entrepreneur and teacher was formerly a chef of the former Cobalt and opened this homey restaurant last year. The place uses many eclectic pieces and elements from post-Katrina (including their sign which as I was told was the door from a washed up car from Katrina). The inside is wonderfully decorated. My favorite: the host stand, black tiles and the lighting fixtures. Maybe I can ask them to come decorate our home?

The menu has a range of comfort foods from mac 'n' cheese, grilled cheese with a side of soup and of course their amazing natural beef burgers and fries (notably the chili cheese fries).

In order not to feel guilty of what was to come we decided to order the mixed green salad served with goat cheese. The dressing was slightly oily but nevertheless it was good.

I was in the mood for anything unhealthy and so of course I ordered the chili cheese fries as a side to my burger. Best decision ever. The fries were so good and the chili cheese topping even better. Needless to say I single-handedly finished the fries without the Count's help. The burger came next. I was completely full after only a few bites.

I love a good burger, especially one that is made with detail and love. The cowbell burger tasted like those high quality burgers my parents made at home. The beef was tender and tasty. The condiments were fresh and were topped off with the special pink sauce they serve with every order. It was definitely one of the best burgers I have had in town.

As we were leaving we noticed their sign hanging outside which stated 'eat happy'. What a great motto. From now on I'm going to always eat happy.

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